TOP 6 Ways to quit smoking that you can try

One of the most powerful ways is to create a self-motivated note and paste it into your desk. Or you can also put it in the refrigerator, the car, the computer monitor, and some of your usual locations there. Although fairly ancient, but this way is one of the best ways to suggest yourself without coercion and powerful enough. Because you sort of has automatic and constant reminders. Aside from that, you can also check out to find a digital guide to quit smoking.

In addition, whenever you want to start to smoke, then you have to run. Do not have to run, you can do some other sports rush. So why should exercise?

According to experts, chemicals produced in your brain during exercise or such exercise can reduce the desire to smoke. Trust me!

You can also try to approach people who can be your supporter. Supporters here are not like ball supporters, yes. Rather they are always helpful when you try to get back to smoking. Find people who will help or support you.

If you begin to have a desire to smoke, they should take you out for a walk, chat, or do some joint activity that lets you not smoke. Of course, you should look for supporters who are not from the smokers.

In addition, you can also try a more spiritual approach. Meditation is believed to increase strength or a strong desire for an expected thing. Originally, this meditation is done daily every day with sincerity. Meditation can also make a person able to refrain from things that are less useful. Including smoking.

When it starts to emerge the desire to smoke, immediately distract attention by doing various things. You can paint, walk, sing, and so forth. You should be able to find a new hobby instead.

Many get the urge to smoke when they are close to or drinking alcohol. For that, as much as possible you should avoid drinking alcohol while trying to quit smoking. Believe me, this will be very effective.