Things to Know When Using AC Unit at Home

Nowadays, everyone can benefit from air conditioning system for the number of reasons. If you do so and start to benefit from your installed system at home, perhaps you wonder to know how to take more advantages from your AC. Air conditioner (AC) or air conditioner is an electronic device that is found in many homes in Indonesia. Usually, the upper middle class has air conditioning at home because it can not stand the hot weather conditions.

For those who use AC, maybe you never feel the AC does not work optimally cool the room. You may feel there is no significant change in the temperature in the room. If so, then there may be something wrong with the AC.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the AC at home!
– Close doors and windows when the AC is turned on so that hot air from outside cannot enter the room.
– The location of the AC room should not be directed directly to the bed because it can make you have respiratory problems.
– Location of the living room air conditioner does not directly face the door because the incoming hot air can reduce AC performance.
– Placing the air conditioner is too low can make the cold air faster about the body and not good for health. Preferably, air conditioning is placed at an altitude of 30 cm higher than your height.
– Use the type of AC that the size of its PK in accordance with the capacity of the room in order to save electricity. Do not select large air-conditioned AC for small rooms and vice versa.
– You can use AC for two rooms at once. How to make a hole on the wall divider. Install the air conditioner in the hole so that air is spread to the two rooms.