Overcoming Unconfidence in Learning English

The reason that people do not believe in practicing their English is teachers. Some of my friends acknowledge the factors that make them demotivate are the teachers who teach English as they go to school. The emphasis of English language education in schools is only the value of the examination and grades in the report card, not the extent to which the child’s development from the beginning of education to the end. Therefore, the first thing you can do to improve your English skills especially when you want to take an english test for citizenship is to find the right teacher for you.

In addition, to foster a sense of confidence to learn English we find a community. Why do we need a community? The reason is simple. We do not live in an English-speaking environment. Therefore, to improve the English language skills then we must create their own community, in high school and university there was an organization called the English Club. This is a community where English learners can grow their confidence in sharpening their foreign language skills.

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