Type of Puzzle Games for Children

Puzzle game or puzzle of many kinds. If you’ve only known jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles or labyrinths, lucky you found this article. Here are the kinds of puzzle games for children that can be played!

Composing foam blocks
By teaching children to play foam blocks, you can help your child to continue to hone his creativity to compose shapes according to his imagination. In addition, you can also teach a variety of colors to them.

Logic Puzzles
A logic puzzle is a puzzle game for children that must be completed by following some rules. Generally, puzzles like this have a unique solution, where the puzzle will be more easily solved if we solve some parts into a solver. Examples of this type of puzzle are Sudoku, Picross and logic grid puzzles.

Math Puzzle
Teaching mathematics will traditionally degrade children’s interest in mathematics. Most children do not like mathematics, but if the method of learning done with interactive media may be a different story. Using a math puzzle game will make a pleasant impression in solving the calculation problem.

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